A feast for the droids this week on Mobango!

Guys it’s been some time I updated you with the latest buzz on Mobango, actually there’s so much happening that I could write a blog everyday! Today let me take you through some of the latest new Android additions on Mobango App Store. We get good number of Android stuff uploaded on Mobango everyday although there are a few ones who need special mention.

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All the best gambling apps under one roof, all free to download !!

Guess what hits your head when I mention the words Casino, gambling and poker etc, am pretty sure bags stuffed with monies. For some it’s an addiction and for some just a curiosity as to how it works and do we actually win. Now all those guys need not worry as you can play all the world famous gambling games on your mobile handsets without worrying to lose a penny.

Not wasting your time anymore I will take you through the collection of casino games which await you at Mobango, one of the largest independent application store with around 40k + registered developers worldwide and delivering over a million downloads every day! Mobango hosts over 75000 applications, distributing them 100% free to users globally, every month over 10 million users worldwide download and install at least one application from Mobango. Mobango distributes apps in over 150 countries across the globe and covers almost 2500 mobile handsets with all major operating systems including Symbian, Java, Android, Windows Mobile, RIM/Blackberry. Well those were only a few titbits about the store, now taking you through the real stuff…

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8 Social Media Apps to Watch in 2011

It’s that time of year! I’m going to place my bets on the ones to watch in the social media world in 2011. There are some key trends emerging online for 2011 – social news, social commerce, social TV.


I wanted to take a look at who is in a good position to emerge as a key player not just for consumers but for businesses as well. And as well as looking at pure startups I wanted to look at those that may have been going for longer but who could be about to come into their own.

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On the Trail of Mobango’s Record Year International Applications Impress. It’s Not All about Smartphones

Mobango, the first social mobile application store, releases its Top 5 downloaded application list for January which further show that mobile applications are a global mass market phenomena. Mobango recently announced that in the past 12 months it saw a 500% increase in mobile applications downloads from the same period a year earlier. In December Mobango downloads topped a staggering 23 million.

Mobango’s traction in the market shows that the mobile industry isn’t just about smartphones and the United States. Apps are a mass market phenomena across handsets and regions. Mobango users from all over the world seek the best apps regardless of what platform they are on and what handset they are using.

Fabio Pezzotti, CEO of Mobango commented: “Our users are from all around the world from rural India to the bustling City of New York. They enjoy nothing more than to search and discover new apps and ways in which to enhance their mobile phone experience. With such an active and engaged community there is massive opportunity for innovative apps to gather mass consumer interest globally. Our platform provides one of the easiest ways for developers to push their apps to the market and for our users to discover, share and download the best quality applications, utilities, communication tools, entertainment and games in the world.”

This global accessibility to consumers is the key to success for application developers of all kinds. Mobango’s success is due to the work of application developers of all sizes, across the world who help to create appealing apps. In January the most downloaded applications at Mobango were:

· Moblica with Snaptu
·   Herocraft with Kamikaze 2
·   Nokia with OVI suite
·   Dada with Upoc
·   Blue Lions Mobile with Tic Tac Toe

Snaptu is a fast stylish suite of social networking and lifestyle services including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, news from all major providers. Accuweather, Sports (cricket, soccer…), Movies, Sudoku and much more. Its UK-based developer Moblica has been using Mobango as a distribution channel for only a few months and already gained an impressive reaction.

Kamikaze 2 is an addictive role-playing game set in Japan in which users go through various adventures as Samurais, Monks or Ninjas. Russian high quality mobile games developer Herocraft frequently uses Mobango to release its titles.

Since its market launch Nokia’s Ovi application store has been among the most popular downloads at Mobango.

Upoc was one of the first mobile communities and remains a popular choice for messaging on feature phones.

Only in November did German developer Blue Lion Mobile upload its TicTacToe Game to Mobango yet it has quickly become a favourite with the consumers.

Chris – Mobango Team

Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, 15-18 February 2010)

Hi there,

I want tell you something about the next Mobile World Congress, a conference setted up by GSM Association taking place soon in Barcelona.
The Mobile Word Congress is the world’s largest conference for the mobile industry.

Chief Executives representing mobile operators, vendors and content owners from all over the world annually attend the event: in 2009 there have been 47,000 visitors.
I looked at the 2010 event agenda and the conference will treat discussions about mobile money services, mobile app stores, mobile innovation, mobile business strategy, mobile security, mobile entertainment, mobile advertising and a special global mobile awards ceremony on Tuesday.
Microsoft is expected to attend the 2010 event and unveil its highly anticipated next-generation mobile platform, Windows Mobile 7.

If you are interested in mobile industry, I strongly suggest you to visit the congress and the city of BCN…but please send me a postal card from Barcelona. How? Using Touchnote Postcard, of course!
Yes, you can capture a moment on your camera phone and send it instantly as a physical postcard, delivered anywhere in the world! Before leaving, don’t forget to download it for free at: http://www.mobango.com/swarea/index.php/md/26635


Chris – Mobango Team