Why upgrade your Apps?

No matter how much beta or user testing a developer does before releasing an app, there are always going to be issues that only show up after the app is used more broadly. Figuring out how, when and why to update a mobile app is a crucial part of the mobile app development process. Mobango here gives you some of the common reasons for the inevitable “upgrade” question.

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Is it possible fighting the Apple Apps Store?

Hi there,
I have important news from the World Mobile Congress of this week in Barcelona.

It seems that some of the largest mobile operators in the world would launch an open platform to deliver applications to all mobile phone owners!

Mobile operators joining forces to fight Apple App store? “It’ll never happen” says Fabio Pezzotti, founder of mobile app store Mobango, to GoMo news.

This isn’t the first time a service like this has been suggested. The application developers remember that these promises have not been lived up to. The risk is that they will get disappointed – and then they won’t invest any more money in their apps.There have been a lot of promises like this, and yet the mobile application market is NOT open and easy. The challenges of app distribution are more complex than can be solved with a simple “united app store”.

There are technical and operational problems that mean it will not consolidate so fast.

I suggest you to read the complete article here.
What do you think about that? Is this another operators noise?

World Mobile Congress

Chris – Mobango Team

Your mobile presence with MOBANGO

Did you know? Once you register with Mobango, you are immediately granted your own mobile and web presence: it’s that easy!
When you become a member, Mobango assigns you 2 urls:




where “username” is the nickname you have chosen when joining Mobango. So what? Well, your personal homepage promotes you, your mobile files, and has all info and metrics regarding your activity within Mobango. Nr. of friends, groups, nr. of times your files and homepage has been viewed and your rating! Why not promote it then? Share your mobile URL with your friends, promote your activity and profile in the mobile web and increase your popularity and fun!

So why not starting right now? Send your mobile homepage URL via email or sms to all your friends. You may also add it to your email signature or business card!


New External Video Player

Hi everybody!

In the last weeks we developed a new external video flash player to replace the current one with extended features and new design.

Below you can find an example of the new Video Player

How does it work?
Go at the bottom of the video details page, and select the permalink. Then paste it in your blog, in your website or in one of your profiles on another site.


The new features of the player are…

Completely new layout/design.

The external player now is in “pausemode: simply click on the play button in the  middle of the video screen and  the video will start.

In addition to the standard buttons (play/pause, replay and volume), there are three new ones: Share, Send2Cell & Fullscreen;

Share: clicking on “Share”, a new window will get opened that lets you send a page to friends via e-mail or (if logged in) internal message;

Send2Cell: when you click on this icon, a new window will be opened with the file detail page of the displayed video;

FullScreen: to display videos in fullscreen mode.

Actions at the end of a video: after a video has been displayed, three large buttons with orange background appear with the most relevant actions -, Share and Send2Cell.

Download progress: the video player visually shows the progress of the download of a video. 

Have fun!

Mobango Team

New Messages Layout on Mobango!

Hi everyone!

I hope someone of you have already noticed some changes on Mobango.
Check the new My Messages page out!
Now you have all the ways to contact your friends in one page: Inbox & Sent Messages, Compose a new Message, Friends and Groups Requests.


But the feature I like best is attaching a file to a message: simply click on Attachment and choose the stuff you like among Your Mobile Files, Your Favorite Files, Your Subscribed Files.

Enjoy Mobango!

Mobango Team