Vizio Phone preview

Along with Vizio’s new tablet, we took a look at the HDTV maker’s new Android device, unsurprisingly dubbed the Vizio Phone. The phone is still in the early stages (both the hardware and software aren’t production ready at all), but there’s a lot of promise on both the industrial design and user interface sides.

Just like its tablet big brother, the Vizio Phone is a sleek, lean, mostly black device which is handsomely and thoughtfully designed. The front is a dark, gloss black bezel, while the backside is covered in a soft touch material that almost feels like metal (though we think it’s a harder plastic most likely). The display is a 4-inch LCD clocking in at 854 x 480 — we’re big fans of the slight resolution bump (think Droid), and even though this is an early, hand-built unit, the color balance and clarity seemed pretty top notch.
Inside, the phone sports a 1GHz “plus” CPU, 4GB of storage and continuing the trend, the phone will feature the same kind of IR setup, allowing you to use it out of the box as a universal remote. There’s a VGA front-facing camera present, as well as a 5 megapixel shooter with flash on the backside.

This device appears to be running Android 2.2 or 2.3 with the heavy Vizio skin, which is easily one of the most beautiful and useful variations that we’ve seen of Android. In some ways, what Vizio is doing from a design and usability standpoint put the Vizio Phone in an iOS or webOS class. We need to see a lot more of how this is going to perform, but we’re definitely excited about the direction the company is taking. We’re also excited to see how the VIA Plus integration plays out (the company’s ecosystem which encompasses a large swath of its devices), but it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit on that.

A summer release window is on tap here as well, and again the company isn’t talking price (or carrier) at this point, but again emphasized its desire to be competitive. Of course, reps also emphasized that Vizio has a large presence at important big box retailers in the US like Walmart and Target.

Android phones now outsell Apple’s iPhone in the US

Smartphones carrying Google’s Android operating system outsold the iPhone in the first quarter of 2010, according to a new research from the NPD Group.


NPD revealed data that shows Android outselling Apple’s iPhone, becoming the No. 2 selling smartphone operating system last quarter in America. Android was responsible for 28 percent of all handsets sold, ahead of Apple’s 21 percent, but still behind Research in Motion’s 36 percent.
The iPhone is only available in two hardware models with three total capacity sizes, and only on one network — AT&T — in the U.S. Android, on the other hand, has a multitude of handsets, including the Nexus One, Motorola Droid, HTC Incredible and more, on a variety of networks.

With the new Droid Incredible reportedly selling quite well, this trend may continue in the near-term. However, the fourth-generation iPhone is expected to debut next month. Rumors that the iPhone will soon come to Verizon also continue to intensify, with that carrier’s customers indicating they are ready to welcome the device with open arms. If all of that happens, the numbers could quickly swing back in Apple’s favor.

Stay tuned.

Chris – Mobango Team

Nokia N8: Nokia’s first multi-touch phone with 12-meg camera.

If you were thinking that the megapixel war was over, you were wrong. Nokia has just launched its latest smartphone with 12-megapixel camera phone and like its predecessors the Nokia N8 has a Carl Zeiss lens with a Xenon flash.

Powering the Nokia N8 is the all-new Symbian^3 platform. In fact the N8 is also Nokia’s first touch-phone with a capacitive screen, a 3.5-inch high-definition touch-screen, which supports multi-touch and pinch-to-zoom. The Nokia N8 also introduces the ability to record high definition videos and edit them with a smart built-in editing suite on the device.
And of course, there’s the well-known requisite of social networking: with the new Nokia N8 you’ll never tired of keeping in touch with your friends.

Will this new smartphone be able to contain all your favourite Mobango apps? Let’s wait until the third quarter of 2010 when it will start shipping in.

Chris – Mobango Team

New Nokia phones optimized for social networking communities!

Hi there,
I have a fantastic fresh news about two new Nokia 3G slider phones. The Nokia 6700 slide and Nokia 7230, made for the design-conscious consumer and optimized for socializing and sharing with those closest to you.

Available in various fresh and vivid colors (pink, red, petrol blue, aluminum, lime and purple), with great imaging features and quick access to popular social networking communities like Mobango: The device’s high speed 3G connectivity ensures your favorite communities are always as close as your Nokia!

Being connected has never looked so good: the 5 megapixel Nokia 6700 camera with Carl Zeiss optics is perfect for capturing and sharing moments as they happen. Favorite images can be edited on the go and uploaded to the web directly from the camera menu!

The phones should be available for purchase in the first quarter of 2010. I can’t wait, and you?


Five Interesting Things About Microsoft’s Office Mobile 2010

Hi everybody,

Here we are with a news about one of the most exciting fact of this summer.
Last August it was announced that Microsoft, the world leader software company, had joined up in a partnership with Nokia, the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, in order to make Windows Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note – available on Mobile Phones. That would have started in 2010 with the release of Nokia E-Series and other handsets would have followed later in time.
That partnership was meant in order to make users able to use MO via Internet and it was intended as a competitive move against Google, which offered for free similar programmes online.
Finally, after some speculations about the positive and the negative effects of this partnership, Microsoft points out ten specific benefits Office Mobile 2010 offers.
In this article we can find five of them.

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Dell Confirms US mini 3i Smartphone Launch!

Hello There!

I found an interesting news there by Humberto Saabedra.

It seems that Dell Confirms US mini 3i Smartphone Launch!
Dell will be launching the currently China only mini 3i Android-based smart device on AT&T during the first quarter of 2010. The report goes on to state that the US 3i variant will be revised from the Chinese model with a different Android build.

The phone is said to be thinner than the iPhone, though with a similar icons list and feels “plasticky, like the Palm Pre,” which would be fairly in line with the Chinese model. Dell is also said to be modifying Android into its own build.

If it proves to be anything like Dell’s attempt at an iPod, I wouldn’t expect to see it hit US stores and the Mobango phones list of course!

Apple or Dell, what will you prefer?

Apple or Dell?

Mobango Team