Mobango introduces a new improved user experience for Tablets.

Mobango always focuses on improving the user experience (UX)  for its developers and users. This means we are constantly reviewing and updating the usability as we did with the registration and uploading area. Now going a step further we have redefined the complete UX for tablet users across all operating system which support HTML browsing.
With the new interface for tablets, the user experience on Mobango will improve amazingly. The new changes also allow us to provide more visibility to the developers and their apps. some of the key changes are-

  • Responsive interface – We have ensured that the user has a fabulously smooth experience. The interface has been associated to provide the best arrangement of the content as per the Tab’s orientation. The navigation of the site is promoted to be effortless and very touch-friendly with increased display size of icons and other info.

  • Big Banner space for promoted/ featured apps – The topmost area of the site is allocated for a big banner space to provide premium visibility to promoted apps. A larger area is allocated for these apps on the screen giving instant visibility.

  • Enhanced media details page – The media details page has been improved to include multiple screenshots of the app within the same screen space to give a better understanding of the app. The star ratings and reviews are now given a better placement thus giving prominence to information which is a deciding factor  for a user before initiating download.

  • Social media – The new Tab version includes more social media badges to promote sharing on more platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

  • New properties – Mobango has introduced 3 new properties which will provide more visibility for the tablet users.
    • Editor’s choice – This section is a collection of the best apps hand-picked by Mobango team for its users.
    • Trending apps – This is a dynamic section showing the most downloaded content in the last 6 hours. This is to ensure that users get a fresh installment of apps everytime they come on the site.
    • Top developers – Mobango select the best developers based on the quality and performance of the apps they have and these developers get a chance to be featured in this area. This gives a lot of visibility to the developer upfront.

We would love to know your feedback on these new changes as we believe that the users are the best judge . You can share your feedback here or feel free to leave a comment or connect with us through Linkedin, Twitter, Google +, Facebook

Mobile Upload is Coming!

Dear Users,

We are glad to announce that, from now on, it is possible to upload files directly with your phone on our mobile site (

You will be able to improve Mobango’s contents with fresh uploads created by you with your phone!

All different kinds of contents are allowed and we hope to receive more mobile- generated contents (camera, video, recordings).

On the website you will find mobile uploads in all the main categories -> there are separate “Mobile” sub-categories for Videos, True Tones, Polyphonics, Software, Games, Images and Other.


Try it yourself! You can easily upload a lot of videos, sounds and pics made by your mobile!

Enjoy Mobango!

Mobango Team

New External Video Player

Hi everybody!

In the last weeks we developed a new external video flash player to replace the current one with extended features and new design.

Below you can find an example of the new Video Player

How does it work?
Go at the bottom of the video details page, and select the permalink. Then paste it in your blog, in your website or in one of your profiles on another site.


The new features of the player are…

Completely new layout/design.

The external player now is in “pausemode: simply click on the play button in the  middle of the video screen and  the video will start.

In addition to the standard buttons (play/pause, replay and volume), there are three new ones: Share, Send2Cell & Fullscreen;

Share: clicking on “Share”, a new window will get opened that lets you send a page to friends via e-mail or (if logged in) internal message;

Send2Cell: when you click on this icon, a new window will be opened with the file detail page of the displayed video;

FullScreen: to display videos in fullscreen mode.

Actions at the end of a video: after a video has been displayed, three large buttons with orange background appear with the most relevant actions -, Share and Send2Cell.

Download progress: the video player visually shows the progress of the download of a video. 

Have fun!

Mobango Team

New Messages Layout on Mobango!

Hi everyone!

I hope someone of you have already noticed some changes on Mobango.
Check the new My Messages page out!
Now you have all the ways to contact your friends in one page: Inbox & Sent Messages, Compose a new Message, Friends and Groups Requests.


But the feature I like best is attaching a file to a message: simply click on Attachment and choose the stuff you like among Your Mobile Files, Your Favorite Files, Your Subscribed Files.

Enjoy Mobango!

Mobango Team

Add your Comments!

New feature on Mobango! Now you can add COMMENTS on files

How do you tell other Mobango members about an awesome video? Or what if you want the Mobango member who posted the video to know it could be used as a wallpaper or screensaver?

Simple. Write in the comment box at the bottom of the file’s page and start communicating with your friends. It’s one more opportunity to find new cool people in the Mobango community.

Do you want to know if some users have posted comments on your files? Then check your email! Mobango will send you an email when you receive new comments.

Just remember to keep your comments respectful and relevant, so that they can be enjoyed by all the members of the Community.

See the image below: this is an example of 2 comments posted about one of my videos.

Video Preview

File Details

Video Comments

Chris Mobango Team

New Feature: Your personal WAP address

As many of you requested this feature, we introduced a new way of accessing your public user profile via WAP with mobile phones. This makes it much more convenient to access your mobile user profile.

You now can simply access your public user profile from your cell phone by adding the username to the Mobango WAP address:

It’s really easy now to share your mobile address with friends, so they can see and download all the free mobile ringtones, videos, photos and wallpapers that you uploaded, see your favorite files or just send you a message.

Mobango Public user profile page on mobile phone
Here you can see my mobile user profile:

Your Chris

PS: if you want to know more about how to access Mobango from your mobile phone, check out the Mobango WAP site instructions.