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Hi Users,
Yes we are happy to announce that Mobango has upgraded it’s android app. Basis your feedback we have taken the app experience to the next level! The updated app boasts of user friendly navigation which is faster, quicker and enjoyable. Although we have listed some key updates below, we are sure you would find many more welcome surprises as you start using it…..enjoy the journey and do keep sending us your valuable feedback!!

Graphical Interface has become more user-friendly with easier navigation and much quicker access to all categories, latest happenings, top rated apps and more. With this you can now quickly browse through Games, Videos, Apps without any fuss.

Uploading Videos in just three steps! Click on the upload video tab, select the video and upload! You can upload videos from the Videos section and share it from the ‘My Uploads’ under the ‘My Apps’.

Auto resume option now available in-case you face network issues or have a network failure. Even after you switch from your GPRS to WiFi, the download resumes automatically ensuring no download error or failure.

Track Your Downloads: In the earlier version, we had a provision to only check ‘My downloads’ under ‘My Apps’. With the latest release, you can see stuff you downloaded and check your uploads as well. This way you can keep a track of all the videos you uploaded or downloaded from Mobango. You can also keep a tab on your downloaded items all in one place and even install your downloads offline.

Offline Support Available: We have also inculcated an offline support, so you can browse through our Apps, Games, Videos that have already been loaded previously, even when you are offline.

Store Your Downloads: You can now store your downloaded videos to watch them later when you are off the network. Once downloaded, the video gets saved under ‘My downloads’. We have made a provision to play these downloaded videos even after you go offline.

Enhanced notification for direct access to content by saving time of getting redirected each time to the detail page of the App, Game or Video. The notification bar will get a direct download or play option for videos and direct download for apps and games. All you need to do is just click on the app or video from the notification tray and that particular item will get downloaded immediately.

Overall performance upgrade for faster navigation and a bug free app discovery experience.

We hope that this release ensures a completely new user experience with loads of added features and that you will enjoy browsing our new design for Mobango, finding more options easily each time.

Experience the New App right here :

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45m + game downloads on Mobango in India in 2013

Android game downloads increased by nearly 60% over the prior year

1. Highlights

Year 2013 was a great year for Mobile in India with significant growth in smart phones and overall data users in India. As at December 2013,

India had approximately 120m mobile internet users in India which was a near doubling of the prior period base.

The number of active 3G users as of December 2013 was approximately 30m in India. This base is still modest and represents about 5% penetration of mobile connections. Also in 2013, smartphone shipments in India were about 45m, a majority of which were on Android platform. The annual growth rate of smartphone shipments is over 200% and hence, Analysts expect 150m smartphone shipments in 2014. 3G penetration should also accelerate with Operators aggressively driving 3G uptake through attractive pricing plans.

Mobango is amongst the largest independent Apps Games and Video stores which serves users primarily on the Android and Java platforms. Mobango had a spectacular year in terms of key store metrics which are highlighted below.

Mobango is a free store and delivers nearly 270m downloads of apps, games and videos per annum with India being its single largest market. Gaming is an important and fast growing segment on mobile in India. For Mobango, games have been amongst the fastest growing segment as compared to apps and videos.

• In the prior year – 2012, overall game downloads on Mobango were about 28% of total downloads which have increased to about 37% of total downloads in 2013. This has driven total game downloads to about 95m in 2013; in the prior year, the number of game downloads was about 80m.

• 2013 saw a dramatic increase of over 56% in the number of Android downloads primarily due to users shifting from feature phones to Android powered smart phones.

• Of this, India was the single largest contributor of game downloads at over 45m downloads. This has grown significantly from 25m in 2012, representing growth of over 80% over the prior year.

The total mobile gaming market in India is estimated to be about US$ 100m and growing at about 30-40% per annum. With over 45m downloads per annum in India, Mobango becomes one of the largest mobile game distributors in this fast growing market.

2. Strong growth in Android games

• The strong uptake in Android phones in 2013 also led to an increase in Android games published. Titles from developers such as Indiagames / Disney, Herocraft, GP Imports, Digital Chocolate, Deemedya, Reliance Games and many more grew exponentially. Including smaller and mid-size developers, Mobango added about 1,500 – 2,000 gaming developers in 2013. The total games uploaded by both existing and new developers exceeded 15,000 new titles in the last year. One significant trend was that a majority of these games uploaded were Android – with only 20% of titles being Java games. \

• Java traffic and downloads continued to be significant portion of traffic in 2013 – about 65% of all downloads, owing to the still large penetration of existing Java handsets. As Android shipments increase dramatically in 2014, this ratio of Java downloads will dramatically reduce.

• There is one challenge though as portfolio of Android games increase. Average size of Android games on Mobango is approximately 8-10 MB and nearly 40% of games have sizes of more than 10 MB.

These large sizes are due to games having superior quality of graphics and game complexity. For instance, the latest version of Angry Birds game was over 100MB is size. Given that India has just about 30m 3G users or just under 5% of total mobile users in India, the experience of downloading such large game files on a slower connection is poor. With nearly 60% of Mobango Android users on Wifi or 3G networks, a faster growth in 3G users in 2014 would help Android users access more games.

3. Samsung and Micromax devices lead in user visits and downloads

The top handset brands by visits for Android were Samsung followed by Micromax, Sony Ericsson and HTC. While for Java platform Nokia is still the top brand with Models like Nokia C series and Asha series.

Medium screen size Android devices (screen size above 240 but below 400 pixels) have the largest share of traffic, though this is changing rapidly to larger screen devices (above 400 pixels).

4. In-app advertisement is the preferred business model:

In 2013, developers relied predominantly on in-app advertising as the primary revenue model on most of the games. Nearly 85% of all titles have in-app advertisement powered by popular SDKs from various ad networks like Google, Vserv, Inneractive and others. Only about 15% games currently have in-app purchases using mobile operator billing or Google Play billing. Developers are expected to experiment with more trial versions of games using Operator or Google billing options; helped by platforms such as Mobango.

5. Action category of games are most downloaded

Mobango presents games in 11 main categories. Of these categories, Action games are the top downloaded games with a share of 32% of total Android gaming category and 37% in other platforms. Racing and Arcade are the next popular category of gaming categories. This trend is consistent with what we saw in 2012.

6. Mobile games engagement though continues to be low for most games

For a majority of the mobile games, engagement continues to be poor. On an average games are played between 4 – 10 times before the user moves on to other games. Of the game categories, Racing Category games seem to have higher engagement – approximately 40% higher engagement than the other game categories.
This low level of engagement is detrimental to the developers from monetisation perspective.
One significant issue could be that many games use notifications based marketing as a way to monetise these games. So instead of using notifications to encourage users to play the games more, the games are used as an advertising channel for other apps or offers. This prompts users to uninstall the games to avoid ads.

7. What to expect in 2014

• Games are expected to continue to have the largest share of downloads, continuing the prior year trend. This shift will be facilitated by the twin trends of growing 3G penetration from current 30m active users to estimated 100m in 2014; and 50m smartphone shipments increasing to over 150m smartphone shipments estimated in 2014. Given that a large proportion of these shipments are expected to be at or below the Rs 10,000 price point, this will only enable more users to download and enjoy mobile games. This audience is young – between 18 to 30 years of age and hence is highly relevant for mobile gaming.

The above trend will mean that Java platform as proportion of downloads will significantly decline with Android moving to over 50-55% of all game downloads for Mobango.

• In terms of monetisation, it is expected that developers will experiment with more options for trial versions of the games using Mobango powered Mobile operator billing or Google billing options, simply given that Ad monetisation still significantly lags Western markets in realisation. Market analysis done by The Guardian newspaper in UK highlights that on Appstores, 8 out of 10 top grossing applications are games. This shift in developer monetisation strategies could support India gaming market to grow by over 30-40% in 2014.

About Mobango:

The above data and insights were collated based on Mobango’s own user visits and engagement data for the period of 12 months from January to December 2013. Mobango was recognised by The Economist as Top 10 Appstores in the world and is one of the largest independent free appstores in the world helping developers in discovery, distribution and monetisation of their apps since 2006. Mobango is a winner of several awards including Red Herring award for Innovation in 2012. Mobango was acquired by Mauj Mobile, a pioneer in Mobile internet services in India in 2011. Mauj provides monetisation options for developers and video content owners through Mobile operator billing and is a Top 3 Mobile Internet company in India. Mauj Mobile is funded by Tier 1 Venture Capitalists – Sequoia Capital, Intel Capital and Westbridge Capital.

For more information contact:
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2. Unnati Desai

Mobango: DLF IPL scores again with its Apps and Games

The App
The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional league for Twenty20 format cricket championship in India and has today become a global phenomenon in the cricketing world. It is currently contested by nine teams, consisting of players from around the world. Indiagames Ltd, a premier games development company in India, developed and published the official cricket games for the IPL teams. In all, 10 mobile games were developed and published – one each for the 9 teams and one Official DLF IPL cricket game for feature phone users.
Mobango partnered with Indiagames to distribute these games to cricket fans in India and globally.

The Objective
This year was the 5th season of the IPL. There was much at stake as marketing investments by IPL and the teams were high. Developing these casual games was an integral part of the overall marketing strategy of IPL. It was, therefore, necessary to drive a large number of downloads for these casual game apps.
Indiagames partnered with Mobango as it offered a mass reach platform with its 8 million registered global users. Mobango was clear on the strategy to be adopted – maximum visibility to provide high recall and consequently drive large number of downloads.

The Marketing Plan, Execution

To ensure easy app discovery, Mobango provided high visibility consistently by featuring all the games and apps as one of the ‘top app’ throughout the period. To maximize the recall factor, Mobango also made certain that the relevant team franchise games were featured on the landing page coinciding with the match dates.

Mobango leveraged its social media pages to provide prominence to the DLF IPL App promoting it as the ‘App of the Day’ on Facebook and Twitter. A Specials page was developed on Mobango WAP where the individual games based on the teams like Kolkata Knight Riders, Deccan Charges, etc. were featured and were made available to users. These activities facilitated to ensure maximum visibility and high download traction.

The Results
Mobango’s platform helped Indiagames by enabling better app discovery and provided to reach the right audiences. The users were provided the IPL apps as free downloads and Mobango’s full range of promotional activities ensured high visibility and intense recall of these apps among the users.
Mobango managed to drive nearly 350,000 downloads of the 10 apps of which nearly 200,000 downloads were of the official DLF IPL App. This volume of downloads made Mobango the largest distribution partner for IPL games.

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Mobango: Messaging with TU Me

> Global Android downloads
> More than100k downloads in 4 weeks
> More than 50% view to download ratio
> High conversion from download to open rates

The App

Telefónica Digital recently released their new Android app, TU Me, which is a free, all-in-one global communicator that puts text, calls, shared on a brilliantly simple timeline.

The Objective

Competing with already popular and established apps such as Skype and WhatsApp, Telefonica’s ambition for TU Me was to make it a globally popular application even if users are in countries outside of their network footprint.

The Marketing Plan, Execution

TU Me began using Mobango’s Pay Per Download (PPD) solution in June 2012. The PPD tool allows TU Me to choose their target customers across countries, devices and Android operating systems.

Mobango ensured easy app dicovery for TU Me App through consistently high visibility for as a ‘top app’ and featuring on Mobango’s Social Media pages as ‘App of the Day’ on Facebook and Twitter. Mobango targeted users highlighting TU Me App through several marketing promotions to increase recall leading them back to the app.

Mobango provided access to intensive analytics to TU Me which enables in-depth analysis of the campaign and derive maximum ROI.

The Results

TU Me is being received very well by users and the popular app has already generated more than 200,000 views within a short period of 2 months on Mobango. Today, TU Me has achieved over 100,000 downloads and is still counting.

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The Successful World of Messenger Apps

> More than 6 million overall downloads in the category
> High views to conversion ratio
> Global cross platform downloads
> High success rate of downloads endorsing recurring promotion plans

The App

Messengers have emerged as one of the most popular genres of apps globally. The appeal of social connectivity makes global consumers seek and download to try various messenger apps to suit their specific requirements. Mobango offers a wide range of messenger apps to users, some of them ranking high on the download count.

The Objective

Messenger apps provide a range of functionalities from simple chat to video calling offering great user experience to the consumers. Mobango recognizes the need for these functions among users across platforms and devices and caters to their requirements bringing in some of the best apps. The challenge lies in differentiating and high visibility to generate the targeted downloads.

The Marketing Plan, Execution

Mobango was clear that visibility and promotion would assist to highlight the product differentiators of the apps. Further, Mobango discovered that users of these messengers downloaded from Mobango and became loyal repeat users of Mobango apps store. These users were prompt with updating their devices with the latest versions of their apps.

Mobango planned the campaigns of these messengers to target operating systems as well as geographies where the mobile internet penetration was increasing rapidly.

Mobango ensured high visibility positioning across its home page and top apps page. Rotational featuring was adopted to ensure greater visibility to several apps that were best in the category on these pages. Social media pages of Mobango also highlighted these apps and providing further visibility. Mobango Showcase page delivered all the best messenger apps at a time enabling strong downloads of these applications.

The Results

Mobango has achieved nearly 1 billion downloads of all the messengers and are still counting. Messenger apps have generated great footfalls and downloads on Mobango with apps like Nimbuzz leading the download count with nearly 2 million downloads. Nimbuzz has generated more footfalls from India, Saudi Arabia and China. A recent addition, TU Me messenger app, has also seen a rapid take in the download numbers on Mobango generating around 150,000 downloads within 2 short months.

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85 mn Game downloads on Mobango in 2012

A Glimpse of 2012

>8,000+ gaming developers sign up in 2012
>15,000+ games published in 2012
>Action, Racing & Adventure games most popular
>Android engagement significantly higher than Java platform

Games are the most popular content type on Mobango

2012 saw 8,000+ new gaming developers sign up on Mobango. This has resulted in more than 15000+ games being uploaded on Mobango during the year. On an overall basis Mobango hosts over 40,000 casual games. Some of the notable developers on Mobango include ZeptoLabs, Halfbrick, Kira Games, Herocraft, G P Imports, Deemedya, Disney, Happy Bay and many more.

Our review of user engagement data indicated that Games are amongst the most popular genres of mobile entertainment content that users search and download on Mobango. As noted above, nearly 28% of all downloads are of Mobile games and the rest split between Applications and Videos that users download.

We find that this trend is not isolated to any particular market – with strong game downloads from US, UK, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and India. India was the single largest market in terms of download for us with over 25m downloads in 2012.

Users have strong preference to certain gaming categories

We dug deeper into our data to identify what users prefer to download, by looking into games by categories and looked at the relative popularity by looking at download per title published. The below results indicate some relevant and statistically significant user preferences.

Please note that the above does not indicate user engagement – for instance we wouldn’t know if time spent on strategy games is higher relative to action and racing. But what it does indicate is user intent at time of download.

Just as a comparison, Google data indicates that average download per title on Google play is circa 20,000 per annnum, given their nearly 700,000 apps and games on Gooogle play.

Also please note that this is only an average. Within this for instance, we have developers who have driven very large number of downloads. For instance, Herocraft Studios has delivered over 2m downloads in the last year on Mobango.

Mid size devices are prolific downloaders

While analyzing downloads by device profiles, we looked at data points by platform and brands. The top brands for Android platform in terms of downloads on Mobango were Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG. While for Java platform, Nokia, Samsung and Sony devices delivered the most downloads.

The next key element that we looked at was download behavior by a key attribute of the device which is the screen size. To say gaming experience is better on large screen is better is a cliché – but our data did not see a direct correlation.

As the graph shows below, devices that were medium in size (screen size above 240 pixels in either dimension but below 400 pixels in either dimension) were the highest downloaders of games by a huge margin. Medium size devices which have nearly 40% of visits on Mobango, their contribution to game downloads was almost 60% of all downloads on Mobango.

Larger devices lead on engagement

Looking at data on user engagement with Games post download, however reveals a very different story. We analysed the data separately for Java platforms and for Android platforms for devices of similar size screens.

While for small devices, Android engagement is similar to Java devices however, when it comes to medium or larger devices, Android engagement outstrips Java devices significantly. As the graph below shows the relative engagement, large devices on Android have much higher engagement with the games (about 70% more than Java devices) per download. This would have a direct impact on monetization ability of these games for the developers.

In summary

Games continue to be a strong mobile entertainment genre globally and for Mobango. These insights into the target user groups around downloads and engagement may be specific inputs to game developers while building their user base for the games.

Given increasing cost of distribution of games in a highly crowded apps world with nearly 1m apps and games per platform, focusing on these metrics could provide higher monetization for developers.

Some of the developers on Mobango:

To know more Mobango’s app promotion platform, visit Mobango

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