AdIQuity Launches App Fest For App Developers

Posted on February 18, 2013, in General

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AdIQuity, a mobile advertising platform which caters to brands and app developers/publishers in the Asia-Pacific region has announced that it will be organizing an App Fest in order to help developers explore the possibilities of mobile advertising, especially with AdIQuity as their advertising partner.

AdIQuity claims to be the preferred advertising partner for over 10,000 mobile app developers and WAP publishers the world over. The company says that it will be rewarding $100 to any any app that gets registered during the event, in one of its programs. Those of you wish to participate in this event will have to sign up for AdIQuity platform and integrate their app with it the AdIQuity SDK. This event is open for all existing and new app developers. Developers having multiple apps can add all those apps to the platform if they wish to. Apps on multiple platforms like iOS, Android and Blackberry will be supported. The unique offer for developers is open till 20th March, 2013.

Santosh Kevlani, Head – Business Development at AdIQuity spoke about this initiative,

“This is the first App Fest by us. We want to join the app developers hand in hand in taking them towards a better ROI. The Fest will help small and medium level app developers to acquire best possible yield. We hope to see many budding and senior app developers participating to make use of the event.”

For more information about the activities and contests, you can check out their website.

Source: WATBlog

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