Mobango brings you a new app experience!!

Posted on March 13, 2014, in Mobango News

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Hi Users,
Yes we are happy to announce that Mobango has upgraded it’s android app. Basis your feedback we have taken the app experience to the next level! The updated app boasts of user friendly navigation which is faster, quicker and enjoyable. Although we have listed some key updates below, we are sure you would find many more welcome surprises as you start using it…..enjoy the journey and do keep sending us your valuable feedback!!

Graphical Interface has become more user-friendly with easier navigation and much quicker access to all categories, latest happenings, top rated apps and more. With this you can now quickly browse through Games, Videos, Apps without any fuss.

Uploading Videos in just three steps! Click on the upload video tab, select the video and upload! You can upload videos from the Videos section and share it from the ‘My Uploads’ under the ‘My Apps’.

Auto resume option now available in-case you face network issues or have a network failure. Even after you switch from your GPRS to WiFi, the download resumes automatically ensuring no download error or failure.

Track Your Downloads: In the earlier version, we had a provision to only check ‘My downloads’ under ‘My Apps’. With the latest release, you can see stuff you downloaded and check your uploads as well. This way you can keep a track of all the videos you uploaded or downloaded from Mobango. You can also keep a tab on your downloaded items all in one place and even install your downloads offline.

Offline Support Available: We have also inculcated an offline support, so you can browse through our Apps, Games, Videos that have already been loaded previously, even when you are offline.

Store Your Downloads: You can now store your downloaded videos to watch them later when you are off the network. Once downloaded, the video gets saved under ‘My downloads’. We have made a provision to play these downloaded videos even after you go offline.

Enhanced notification for direct access to content by saving time of getting redirected each time to the detail page of the App, Game or Video. The notification bar will get a direct download or play option for videos and direct download for apps and games. All you need to do is just click on the app or video from the notification tray and that particular item will get downloaded immediately.

Overall performance upgrade for faster navigation and a bug free app discovery experience.

We hope that this release ensures a completely new user experience with loads of added features and that you will enjoy browsing our new design for Mobango, finding more options easily each time.

Experience the New App right here :

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