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NetQinThe App

NQ Mobile Inc. is a leading mobile security and productivity company with a primary goal to ensure every mobile device has complete protection from mobile viruses and other privacy threats. They have approximately 100 million cumulative registered user accounts in over 100 countries and a growth rate of 300,000 users per day, demonstrating a strong demand for mobile security.

The Objective

Drive high volume of downloads to reach a record number of fresh activations.

NQ was looking for an apps store which can achieve both their objectives. When the company discovered the core capabilities of Mobango as the large distribution platform having a user base of millions, they chose our platform to achieve their objectives.

NQ began using Mobango’s Pay Per Download solution in February 2009 and has found it to be incredibly effective as a tool that allows it to target customers across many countries, devices and Symbian operating systems. We offered high visibility for NQ on our platform through a number of product features and a large volume of downloads. This is a unique marketing strategy making apps and games to stand out in millions of content available online.

We provided intensive analytics for e.g. handset wise and geo stats, etc. to NQ to analyze the campaign in depth. This helped NQ in designing their next campaign on Mobango and get maximum ROI.

The Results

As of today, Mobango has managed above one million downloads of the NQ Mobile Antivirus app and continues to deliver healthy downloads daily. NQ gained a lot of traction in record time because it offered a completely new feature set in the productivity space compared to other apps. A prominent place on any storefront can drastically increase app discovery. Mobango gave NQ 4X more downloads and activations than our nearest competitor and at record low Cost per activation.

Mobango’s full suite of solutions has helped the company reach the right audience, which is increasingly important because while the software is available as a free download, NQ charges for access to an up-to-date virus database that will protect users against the latest, emerging threats.

Pushkar Chitale
Developer Community Manager

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