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The App

Mobango is global FREE mobile apps store for global, cost effective mobile apps promotion and distribution. Mobango was recently named by The Economist magazine to be top 10 app stores in the world.

In our experience of distributing applications globally, mobile browsers such as QQ Browser, UC Browser, iBrowser, Opera Mini etc have emerged to be amongst the most popular genres of apps to be downloaded by our customers globally. Whether it is the desire to increase browsing speed or enhance experience or access the content that is available on these Browsers, users across the Globe are seeking and downloading these mobile browsers.


Browser apps are technically superior offering great user experience to the end users across both smart phones and feature phones. While smart phones come with strong native browser capabilities, the same is not universally true of feature and lower end devices. Mobango recognized this need amongst users.

Secondly, Mobango discovered that users of these browsers downloaded from Mobango became loyal repeat users of Mobango apps store once they are on these new browsers. Hence while delivering strong benefits to the end users, it was also self serving !

Given the twin benefits Mobango planned the campaigns of these browsers well to target the feature phones and targeted to markets such as India where the mobile internet penetration was increasing rapidly while smartphone penetration is sub 5% in aggregate.

This targeting, coupled with high visibility positioning on Mobango across its home page, Mobango showcase enabled strong downloads of these browser applications.

The Result

We have achieved 25+ millions downloads on all the browsers and still counting. Browser apps are the most demanded apps on Mobango. Among all the browsers we have, on a historical basis, Opera Mini browser leads in terms of total downloads on Mobango. UC Browser has also been very popular amongst users in India, United States and Saudi Arabia. The recently launched browsers from the Tencent Group – QQ Browser and iBrowser have seen rapid take up on Mobango. iBrowser, a version of QQ browser customized for India is amongst the fastest browsers on mobile available today and with integration of content within the browser that is customized for Indian users.

Pushkar Chitale
Developer Community Manager

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