Uploading on Mobango – Quicker and smarter

Posted on January 16, 2013, in Mobango News

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Uploading on Mobango – Quicker and smarter

We are happy to inform you about the new registration and uploading process on Mobango. To make the uploading experience faster for you, Mobango has simplified the process to bring a crisp interface with minimum steps. The registered developers of Mobango can now login to upload their app(s) with 4 easy steps.

Some of the key changes –

  • Input fields – To guide and provide information on each field, , a pop up would appear on rollover and explain what exactly the input areas is meant for. This will save time which is wasted in understanding what exactly has to be entered into that area.
  • Screenshots – In the previous version the screenshot size was specific to Mobango platform. To make it easy for the developers, the screenshot sizes are now fixed making it developer friendly thus eliminating the need to re-create them.
  • Review notification – Once uploaded, a review notification can be seen on the top of the page as well as an email will be sent to the developer’s inbox. This simply means that the app has been successfully uploaded and is under review. It will be then appropriately published on Mobango apps store. Developers should receive the confirmation of the publication post soon.

New Registration process

For prospective and new developers wanting to register, this 4 step process will benefit them as well. The registration form has been curtailed to include only the standard and mandatory information from developers. Once these are provided, the developer is free to immediately proceed with the uploading of apps in the next step.

Usernames are really difficult to remember as there can be too many of them based on the limitations of each site you register for, to reduce this headache of memorizing the user name we have introduced logging into Mobango with your email id. This will ensure you experience a smooth login experience on Mobango.

we now look forward to seeing more and more innovative and smarter apps on Mobango. You can start uploading your apps now.

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